About Us

In the late 1990s the ATSIC Regional Councils representing the Noongar Country and Metropolitan regions developed a vision to create a platform for the development of an economic base for Noongar people. Under their sponsorship and with the support of ATSIC through grant funds, two independent Foundations were formed as the vehicles to establish this economic base.

The Perth Noongar Foundation Inc (PNF) and the Noongar Country Economic Foundation Inc (NCEF) were incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1987 (WA) in March 2001 to represent the interest of their respective regions.
Although PNF and NCEF are operated independently, they share the same Objects as set out in their respective Constitutions as follows:

The Objects of the Association are to engage in major enterprise acquisition and economic development projects, to provide a sustainable economic base for future generations of Noongar people who reside in the Region. The aim of the Association is to achieve this by raising funds directly and by making investments that will generate long-term returns. Funds raised will be specifically allocated for the provision of:

  • (a) Any initiatives that work toward the alleviation of poverty in the Aboriginal people in the Region;
  • (b) Health facilities and services;
  • (c) Sport and recreational facilities and services;
  • (d) Education and training facilities and services;
  • (e) Employment opportunities;
  • (f) Housing;
  • (g) Preservation of heritage and culture.

In fulfilling these Objects the two Foundations independently sought funding and looked for investment opportunities, however it quickly became apparent that with the level of funding available it would be difficult for each individually to undertake an investment of sufficient scale to meet the overall objectives. The Committees of both Foundations resolved to work together and pool their resources and throughout 2001 and 2002 undertook an extensive search for a suitable investment.

In early 2002 an opportunity was identified to acquire a four storey office building in West Perth, however more equity investment was required and as a result an approach was made to Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) to partner with PNF and NCEF. The partnership was created through the creation of a special purpose unit trust known as the Noongar Property Trust (NPT).

In November 2002 NPT purchased a property at 50 Colin Street, West Perth which is known as the Goldfields Building using the equity funds contributed by the Unitholders together with a commercial loan from the National Australia Bank.